It takes two

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"It takes two"
Play Walk for Two, and embark on the craziest journey of your life, a unique platform adventure game designed for collaboration. Use friend Pass * to invite a friend to play for free to experience a variety of fun and enjoy disruptive gameplay challenges. Playing the divided Cody and Xiao Mei, they turn into dolls due to magic spells. Together, they are trapped in a fantasy world, with unpredictable things hidden in every corner, and they reluctantly face the challenge of saving a broken relationship.
Master the unique and relevant character abilities in each new level. Be sure to help each other when you encounter many unexpected obstacles and moments of laughter. Kick the squirrel's tail, drive a pair of underwear, play a buzzing nightclub DJ, and ride on a sleigh through a magical snowflake ball. Taste a touching and hilarious story, narrative and gameplay interweave into a unique metaphorical gaming experience.
It was developed by award-winning Hazelight, who pioneered the industry. They will take you on a wild and wonderful journey, only one thing is certain: two people concentric, its sharp cut gold.
Pure and perfect mode of cooperation
Invite a friend to play for free for a surprise adventure purely for two players. Experience the split screen display mode, choose local cooperation or online online, in the face of changing challenges, only joint efforts is the only way to advance.
Happy and subversive gameplay
From the furious vacuum cleaner to the gentle love master —— In The Double Line, you never know who's next. Each level is full of unique challenges, and players have to master new character abilities and experience the metaphorical fusion of gameplay and narrative to break the boundaries of interactive narrative.
A story about interpersonal relationships
Taste a sincere and moving story, and face the challenge of living in harmony. Help Cody and Mei learn how to overcome their differences. Meet all kinds of strange and lovely characters. Meet all kinds of strange and lovely characters. Unity writing, to experience an adventure you will certainly cherish —— come together!
Hazelight Is an award-winning independent game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Hazelight: Founded in 2014 by Josef Fares, the film director and producer of the award-winning game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Hazelight Dedicated to pushing the creative limits of game possibilities. In 2018, Hazelight released the BAFTA winning project "A Way Out", the first third-person action adventure game designed for collaborative mode and as part of the EA Originals project.